Auto Insurance

We still believe insurance is about people.

We provide automobile insurance protection for your vehicle through our business partners. There is a wide range of coverages, endorsements, payment plans, and discounts available for you such as:

Compulsory auto policy coverage
• Section A – Third Party Liability
• Section B – Accident Benefits
• SEF 44 / Family Endorsement

Section C (Full coverage)
• All Perils
• Collision
• Comprehensive
• Specified Perils

Common Endorsements
• SEF 13D – Limited Glass
• SEF 20 – Loss of Use
• SEF 27 – Liability for non-owned automobiles
• SEF 39 – Accident Waiver
• SEF 43R – Waiver of Depreciation

We also offer specialty insurance for a full range of products including those for farm and commercial vehicles, motorhomes, and motorcycles.

See our Winter 2021 Newsletter to read more about DCPD. ( Direct Compensation For Property Damage)

How Do I Get A Quote For Automobile Insurance?

You can contact us in Calgary, La Crete, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, or Lethbridge. A licensed Insurance Advisor will be happy to help you.

We recommend that you contact us about 2 – 4 weeks before the renewal date of your current automobile insurance policy. We do not recommend cancelling your current insurance policy before its renewal date, because there could be a financial penalty for doing so.

How much insurance is right for me?

Contact MMI today and speak with one of our Insurance Advisors. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote!