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At MMI we are proud members of the Mennonite community. We have been meeting the property and casualty insurance needs of the Mennonite community and those of like faith in Alberta for over 60 years. Our church insurance offers protection for not just churches, but the properties associated with all religious organizations.

We offer church insurance coverage for your congregation to protect against accidents and unexpected events with customized insurance policies. MMI is committed to the churches throughout our communities with great respect for all faiths. With over half a century of experience providing customized church insurance to our clients, we have learned that each church or religious organization has specific needs calling for tailor-made insurance policies.

MMI considers your organization’s facility, congregation and location to ensure we offer a comprehensive church insurance policy for added peace of mind for all employees and congregation members.

What We Offer Our Churches

MMI understands the needs of church operators offering several types of church insurance for complete protection. We provide comprehensive church insurance policies designed to mitigate financial risks so you are compensated for damages for perils you might face. We also consider your budget with the understanding that you are a not-for-profit organization with limited spending. We also consider the operational risks your church faces based on large gatherings and activities for your congregation. We offer trusted advice with agents who ensure you consider the following church coverage:

Church Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is required to protect your church building and property from damage. Our church building insurance quotes will consider all aspects of your building to provide enough coverage for all possible perils.

Church Business Interruption Insurance

While property insurance protects you from losses related to events such as fire, it does not protect against the resulting disruptions to your operations. Business interruption insurance covers costs related to loss of income should your church be forced to stop functioning due to severe property damage. Business interruption insurance provides compensation for loss of donations during the time your church is closed for restoration or other reasons you are unable to function.

Church Crime Insurance

Church crime insurance covers your church’s losses from theft or burglary, as well as funds taken by employees, volunteers, or others illegally. While this is an unpleasant scenario to imagine, it is a common occurrence worthy of consideration. It does not reflect a lack of trust in your congregation and community, but instead provides common sense protection for such losses.

Church Liability Insurance

General church liability insurance protects the church against third-party claims related to injury or property damage caused on your property. This includes accidents such as someone falling on the church steps or being injured at a church activity.


Recommended Optional Coverages

There are a few other types of optional church insurance options you might consider including:


Churches own expensive items that are difficult to replace following a fire, weather damage, vandalism, or theft. Special coverage is required for these items not covered by property insurance including:

  • Pews or chairs
  • Office equipment
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Kitchen contents
  • Classroom contents
  • Fine artwork
  • Historic items

Church Professional Liability Insurance

We have pastoral counselling coverage that provides coverage due to:

  • Wrongful advice
  • Negligence
  • Errors or omissions

Directors and Officers Insurance

Your church’s board of directors might require coverage for losses related to decisions they make on behalf of the church.

Church insurance Policy


Are churches insurable?

Yes, your church can be insured with a wide variety of coverage options including property, liability, and crime. We can help establish your needs to create a customized policy for your church.

How much insurance does a church need?

Each church has its own recommended insurance amount based on associated risks and of course budget. The operational risks are often related to the types of activities your congregation participates in, as well as the number in your congregation and staff. We create comprehensive insurance plans designed to mitigate risk while also keeping premiums as low as possible. We consider all perils to make sure all likely scenarios are covered, while working to stay within your budget.

Why is liability insurance important for churches?

Liability insurance is important for churches because you are legally responsible for the safety of your congregation. With liability insurance, you are protected from third-party liability claims, lawsuits, and damages related to accidents caused by your property or equipment. You will also have coverage of legal costs related to litigation, as well as any awarded settlements you are ordered to pay out as a result of that litigation such as medical fees or repairs.

What types of insurance do churches need?

There are several types of insurance church operators should consider including:

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Directors and officers
  • Contents
  • Crime
  • Business interruption
  • Equipment breakdown

Coverage is subject to policy wording, terms, conditions and deductibles. Protection is limited to the perils, coverage, exclusions and limits shown on the policy


  • Can I customize my church insurance policy?

      Yes, many insurance providers, including MMI Insurance, offer customizable church insurance policies. You can often customize your coverage by selecting specific options or endorsements to ensure that the policy aligns with the unique risks and needs of your church or religious organization.

  • How is the cost of church insurance determined?

      The cost of church insurance is determined based on various factors, including the size of the church property, the value of church assets, the type of activities conducted, the level of coverage desired, the location of the church, and the claims history. Insurance providers assess these factors to calculate the premium.

  • Does church insurance cover liability for church events or activities?

      Yes, church insurance can often include liability coverage for church events or activities, such as worship services, community gatherings, volunteer activities, and other church-sponsored events. It’s important to discuss your specific events and activities with your insurance provider to ensure adequate coverage.

  • What happens if our church experiences property damage or theft?

      In the event of property damage or theft, promptly notify your insurance provider and file a claim. The claims process will involve documenting the damage or loss, providing necessary information and supporting documentation, and working with the insurance company to assess the situation and arrange for appropriate compensation or repairs.

  • How much insurance is right for me?

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