Customer Satisfaction Policy

Claims Customer Satisfaction

MMI Insurance is committed to providing customers with exceptional service. If you are not satisfied
with the service you have received, we encourage you to give us your feedback through the
following Claims Customer Satisfaction Process.

STEP 1 – Resolve the Problem with the MMI Adjuster

When you have a concern, we recommend that you start with the MMI adjuster that is handling your
claim. It is usually swifter and simpler to check the facts and find a resolution at the point where the
problem occurred.

Gather the Facts

We recommend that you have all pertinent information prior to contacting your MMI adjuster. The
information needed might include:

  • details of your complaint.
  • your policy and/or claim numbers.
  • any supporting documents and important dates.
  • the names of any employees/contractors you have dealt with.

STEP 2 – Ask to speak to their Manager

If your complaint is not resolved after completing Step 1, you can escalate the matter to the MMI
adjuster’s manager.

What you can expect

  • The Claims Manager will speak with you to obtain relevant information, discuss your
    concerns and give you an approximate time needed to review your file.
  • The Claims Manager will conduct a thorough review of your file and the concerns you have
    raised and then provide you with a clear response explaining MMI Insurance’s position on
    the matter to you in writing.
  • If you remain dissatisfied with the response, the Claims Manager can provide you with
    information on how you can escalate your complaint to MMI’s Complaint Liaison Officer.

STEP 3 – Escalation to the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer

If you remain dissatisfied after speaking with the Claims Manager, you may escalate your concerns
to the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer for an independent review. Please note that the MMI Complaint
Liaison Officer will not review a complaint that has not gone through the above steps first.

Any complaint escalated to the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer should be made in writing. When
escalating your complaint, please provide a summary of your situation which should include:

  • a list of all unresolved concerns
  • the reason you feel your concerns have not been resolved at the above steps
  • any additional documentation/information that you would like to have reviewed
  • what is your desired outcome for this complaint

The role of the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer is to conduct an independent and impartial
investigation of your complaint. The objective of this investigation is to examine whether your file
was handled fairly and appropriately.

What you can expect

  • The MMI Complaint Liaison Officer will work with you and MMI Insurance to try and resolve
    your complaint in a fair and impartial manner.
  • For complaints that are not easily resolved or require a full investigation, the MMI Complaint
    Liaison Officer will provide you with a formal written response. A written response is usually
    completed within 30 business days; however, you will be updated on the progress of your
    complaint if more time is required.

When the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer has reviewed your complaint and provided you with a
response, your file will be considered closed. Your file will not be reopened unless you can present
new and relevant documentation or information for further consideration.

You may reach MMI’s Complaint Liaison Officer at:

MMI Insurance Company
Attention: Complaint Liaison Officer
#300 – 2946 – 32 Street NE
Calgary, AB. T1Y 6J7

STEP 4 – External Resources: General Insurance OmbudService

If you remain dissatisfied following the MMI Complaint Liaison Officer’s investigation, you can
contact the General Insurance OmbudService. The General Insurance OmbudService is an
independent dispute resolution service available to any home, auto or business insurance
policyholder in Canada. You can access their services by phone, mail*, e-mail, fax or through their

You may reach the General Insurance OmbudService at:
General Insurance OmbudService
4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M2N 6K8

Fax: 416-299-4261

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