How it began

Our History

Mutual Aid in Alberta traces its history to the beginning of the Anabaptist movement (1530’s) in Europe. In the early 1900’s, Mennonite settlers carried the concept with them as they immigrated to the various communities and farming areas in Alberta.

Incorporation as a licensed insurance company took place in 1960 to comply with the province’s financial and insurance regulations. MMI is licensed and regulated by the Province of Alberta.

Original Founders of Mennonite Mutual Insurance

MMI continues to thrive today as Mennonites and other Christians seek to support one another within their local communities of faith.

MMI Insurance today

MMI Insurance is an Alberta company that provides property and liability insurance for homes, farms, and businesses.  Our policyholders attend Mennonite churches and various evangelical churches with similar Confessions of Faith.  Our churches are member churches as defined by MMI’s By-Laws.  MMI board members are elected by delegates from the member churches. By insuring with MMI, our policyholders help to provide mutual aid within their faith communities and help to support the Mennonite Mutual Compassion Fund.

MMI operates exclusively in Alberta.  Mutual aid has been practiced within Mennonite communities since the early 1900’s and the company has been licensed and regulated by the government of Alberta since 1960.  MMI participates in a national reinsurance facility which gives them additional financial strength and security for policyholders.

MMI, through its brokerage, is able to offer automobile insurance and other insurance products to our constituents. Our business partners help us provide coverage for all your insurance needs.

How much insurance is right for me?

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