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At MMI, we have been working with Alberta farmers for over half a century. Although the methods and technology have come a long way in that time, the basic needs remain the same. We understand how important your farm is to you and your family and how your farm’s success is your livelihood.

In Alberta, farms are the backbone of our community, both economically and as a food source. With over 60 years of experience providing customized farm insurance in Alberta to our clients, we have learned the only way to provide peace of mind is to create tailor-made farm insurance policies. We consider each agricultural business’ operations from grains and ranching to fruit and hay and mixed-use to seed.

Regardless of your business, we provide protection against the many risks presented by farming with the most comprehensive farm protection out there. MMI provides farm insurance coverage solutions, so you are able to weather any storm no matter what comes.

Types of Farms We Cover

When shopping for Alberta farm insurance, you need an insurance advisor who is familiar with not just farming, but your specific kind of farm. At MMI we have been working in the community for over 60 years and have adapted to the constant changes from climate change to technology.

We offer comprehensive insurance policies for the following types of farms:


Grain producers are faced with complex conditions that can impact the delicate balance of crop health. At MMI we have partnered with grain producers to create highly comprehensive grain insurance policies to address the changing demands of your agricultural business. We discuss your operations, get to know your property, and identify risks to create the best possible coverage at the best possible rates.


Ranching today requires knowledge of “greener” methods and technology that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With this added worry, your insurance policy should provide peace of mind knowing your home, property, and ranch operations are covered. We offer comprehensive policies customized for your protection to mitigate risks when the unthinkable occurs.


Mixed farming presents a much wider variety of risk factors whether your mix includes growing food, cash crops, feed crops, or livestock. We consider all aspects of your property and operations to design customized solutions that protect you against all possible risks and threats to your agricultural business.


The risks for seed farmers are different from the risks faced by other local businesses. You need insurance that safeguards your operations with value-added policies designed to identify vulnerabilities and provide coverage that addresses all risks. Our experienced farmer insurance agents understand risk management and consider all aspects of your business to ensure you have the best possible coverage.


Hay is used as animal feed and there are many varieties of hay that provide food for different types of animals. When you sell your hay for feed you are providing the nutrition for others farm animals for them to make a living. Talk to us today about how we can protect your exposures.


Rented/leased farmland requires the same insurance coverage as owner-operated farms. We offer insurance policies designed for operators (as opposed to the land owners who require different insurance coverage) to mitigate risk and create protection against common scenarios specific to your farm operations.


We offer comprehensive dairy farm insurance for farms of all sizes. We focus on flexible coverage to bring the most value for your premiums with optimized protection to protect your property, equipment, and livestock. We specialize in customized policies to make sure you are covered for all possible risks.


Your fruit farm depends on income generated by the fruit on the trees, in storage, or being sold at your country farm store. We offer comprehensive fruit farm insurance that covers all aspects of your operations, property, and fruit at all stages of production.

Why Choose MMI Farm Insurance?

MMI is always here for you. We aren’t just insurance salespeople, but instead valued advisors who understand farm insurance in Alberta. We take the time to explain your options and help you make an informed decision to provide the best possible coverage for your agricultural business.

Our farm insurance packages provide protection against financial disaster with tailor-made policies based on the specific risks of your property and operations. We also offer insurance for farm operators on leased land. MMI is exclusive to Alberta, with a keen understanding of what farming in Alberta entails. We put your needs first with personalized customer care both during the policy-buying process and when you need to make a claim.

We believe in total customer satisfaction and go the extra mile taking the time to get to know you so we understand your needs. We provide highly competitive quotes with premiums that meet your farm insurance needs as well as policy solutions not available through less established insurance companies.

Farm insurance Policy

Farm Insurance Comprehensive Coverage

By getting to know you we can provide the right advice for the farm coverage you need. We never oversell our customers, and instead, provide advice based on the amount of coverage you require for complete protection. We are here to answer your questions so you feel confident in your farm insurance coverage including:

  • Farm Dwellings
  • Outbuildings
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Produce Coverage
  • Livestock Coverage
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Limited pollution liability

Farmers Liability Insurance

Regardless of the type of farm you operate, all farms present risks for bodily and property injury that call for liability insurance. This coverage protects you against financial losses if you are found responsible for property damage or bodily injury related to your farm. Farm liability insurance requires tailor-made solutions to ensure the proper protection is in place based on the specific risks your farm presents to others.

Optional Coverages:

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Rock and Root Ingestion
  • Leased Equipment Coverage
  • Loss of Use
  • Seed Growers Mixing

MMI is here to protect your farm and family with the right farm insurance policy. Contact us today to get your free – no-obligation quote.


  • How do I find the right farm insurance policy?

      Our insurance advisors consider all aspects of your operations including the amount of revenue generated, what your farm produces, your acreage, whether your farm is owner operated or leased, your overall operations, and more.

  • What information does my advisor need to find the right farm insurance policy?

      We require a list of all information including your location, equipment and values, dwellings, types of outbuildings, revenue, animals on the farm, types of crops, etc.

      Coverage is subject to policy wording, terms, conditions and deductibles. Protection is limited to the perils, coverage, exclusions and limits shown on the policy

  • Can I customize my farm insurance policy?

      Yes, many insurance providers, including MMI Insurance, offer customizable farm insurance policies. You can often tailor your coverage by selecting specific options or endorsements to ensure that the policy aligns with your unique farming operations and risk management needs.

  • How is the cost of farm insurance determined?

      The cost of farm insurance is determined based on various factors, including the size of the farm, the value of farm assets, the type of farming activities conducted, the level of coverage desired, the farm’s location, and the farm owner’s claims history. Insurance providers assess these factors to calculate the premium.

  • Do I need farm insurance if I have existing homeowners' insurance?

      Homeowners’ insurance typically provides limited coverage for small-scale farming activities. However, if you own a farm or engage in commercial agricultural operations, you will likely need a specialized farm insurance policy. Farm insurance offers broader coverage specific to the unique risks associated with farming activities.

  • Can I insure my farm equipment and machinery under farm insurance?

      Yes, farm insurance typically includes coverage for farm equipment and machinery. This coverage can help protect your valuable assets from risks such as theft, damage, or breakdown. It’s important to provide accurate information about your equipment and machinery when obtaining a farm insurance policy. If your farm is a commercial entity, get in touch with our commercial insurance in Alberta.

  • How much insurance is right for me?

    Contact MMI today and speak with one of our Insurance Advisors. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote!

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