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For Alberta farmers, farm equipment isn’t just machinery—it’s the lifeblood of their operations. From tractors and combines to irrigation systems and specialized equipment, farm machinery is the backbone of agricultural operations.

These tools not only streamline tasks but also significantly contribute to the productivity and profitability of farms. Given the substantial financial investment required to acquire and maintain farm equipment, it’s imperative for farmers to protect these assets with comprehensive insurance coverage.

With a long-standing legacy of over sixty years, MMI Insurance has established itself as the premier provider of farm machinery insurance in Alberta. Our farm insurance solutions cover everything from equipment breakdown to liability protection, ensuring peace of mind and financial security customized to suit the specific needs of your agricultural enterprise.

What is Farm Equipment Insurance?

Farm equipment insurance, is a specialized policy protecting essential farming machinery. Covering damage and/or destruction to vital equipment integral to farm operations along with liability to third parties.

What Does Farm Equipment Insurance Cover?

Farm equipment insurance offers extensive coverage for essential machinery and their attachments, safeguarding farmers against diverse risks.

Below are brief descriptions of common equipment that your policy may cover, each crucial for agricultural success:


The primary purpose of a tractor is to pull farm equipment, but modern tractors can be outfitted with multiple attachments to suit just about any farming need.


Planters are specialized machines designed to sow seeds in rows with precise spacing and depth. They are essential for efficient planting operations, particularly for large-scale farming.

Combines and Forage Harvesters

Combines are heavy-duty machines used for harvesting crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans. They perform multiple tasks, including cutting, threshing, and separating grain from the crop.

Attached Equipment


A plow is a large tractor attachment that drags behind the tractor, using long blades to cut furrows in the soil, to loosen the soil and turn the soil to kill off any surface vegetation not intended to be there.


Harrows break down clumps of soil, make the soil surface level and redistribute crop and weed residue to make it easier for new plants to grow. These can also be used after distributing manure and fertilizer as they can break up clumps and distribute more evenly.

Fertilizer Spreaders

As their name suggests fertilizer spreaders distribute fertilizer across a field, and most farms use a tractor-run fertilizer spreader.


Seeders are designed to spread seeds across large plants of land quickly and efficiently and usually tractor pulled.


Balers are essential for hay, straw, and corn stalk collection. These tractor attachments collect these materials and wrap them into more easily manageable bales.

Wagons or Trailers

Wagons and trailers are indispensable tools on the farm, used for transporting various materials such as hay, grain, fertilizers, feed and equipment transportation between locations.


Sprayers are crucial tools in agriculture, ensuring the efficient application of fertilizers and pesticides. These precision instruments ensure optimal coverage and effectiveness, contributing to crop health and yield.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation equipment is Indispensable for providing crops with a consistent water supply, which is essential for optimal growth conditions.

Tools and Supplies

Various tools and supplies, ranging from hand tools to machinery accessories, are covered, supporting day-to-day farm operations.

Farm Insurance: Additional Coverage

When it comes to safeguarding your farm, considering additional coverage may significantly improve your level of security. Here are some additional coverages to consider:

Liability Coverage

In addition to safeguarding your machinery, farm equipment insurance may also provide liability coverage. This essential protection can assist in covering legal fees and medical bills if your farm equipment causes third-party property damage or bodily injury. This is included with all of our farm package policies.

Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage safeguards against being stranded while replacements or repairs are performed. It offers financial support to offset temporary expenses that may arise because of equipment failures or property damage, thereby ensuring the continuity of agricultural operations.

Simply put, loss of use coverage keeps your business running smoothly even during challenging times.

Safeguarding Your Farm’s Future with MMI Insurance Alberta

Rock & Root Coverage (Harvesting Equipment Only)

Harvesting equipment is particularly susceptible to damage from rocks and roots. That’s why we offer specialized rock & root coverage tailored to safeguard your harvesting equipment against such risks.

By mitigating the financial burden of repairs or replacements resulting from rock and root damage, this coverage helps to keep your equipment functioning and your operations continue uninterrupted.

Whether it’s a rock damaging your combine’s threshing mechanism or other debris causing harm, this coverage serves to alleviate financial burden and guarantee minimal disruption to your financial performance.

What Does Farm Equipment Insurance Protect Against?

Farm equipment insurance shields against various risks that can harm or cause losses to agricultural machinery and equipment. Although policies may differ, they typically safeguard against common causes of loss.

Collision Coverage

This covers damage resulting from collisions with other objects or vehicles, including accidents during transportation or operation.

Vandalism Coverage

Protection against intentional damage or destruction of farm equipment, providing financial relief from malicious actions.

Theft Coverage

Ensures compensation if machinery is stolen, covering various equipment types such as tractors and harvesters.

Hail Coverage

Hail can cause significant harm to farm machinery, leading to costly disruptions. With hail coverage, farmers ensure their equipment is protected, sustaining uninterrupted farming activities.

Wind Coverage

Farm equipment insurance often includes wind coverage, safeguarding against wind-related damage like toppled or damaged equipment.

Lightning Coverage

Lightning strikes can cause extensive damage to your farm machinery, including electrical systems and components. Lightning coverage addresses the costs of repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged due to lightning.

Fire Coverage

Fire coverage protects your farm equipment in case of a fire. It covers the costs of repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged or destroyed by fire, whether due to electrical failures.

It’s important to note that individual policies may vary to cater to specific needs and circumstances. However, these key elements are generally covered, forming a robust foundation for comprehensive farm equipment insurance.

Safeguarding Your Farm’s Future with MMI Insurance

Farm equipment insurance is essential for protecting farmers’ investments, serving as a vital shield against various risks such as collisions, vandalism, theft, hail, wind, fire, and lightning.

As the backbone of agricultural operations, this insurance provides comprehensive protection for machinery and equipment, safeguarding farmers’ financial assets.

Farm machinery insurance from MMI Insurance offers tailored protection, ensuring your equipment remains resilient to unforeseen risks.

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Coverage is subject to policy wording, terms, conditions, and deductibles. Protection is limited to the perils, coverage, exclusions, and limits shown on the policy.

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