How to Protect Your Home and Vehicle While away on Summer Vacation

| 2024.05.28
How to protect your home and vehicle while away on summer vacation

The anticipation of a summer vacation offers a respite from everyday life, but concerns over the security of your unattended home and vehicle can dampen the excitement.

As a leading Calgary insurance company, MMI Insurance understands that during these peak months for break-ins and property damage, comprehensive preparation is your best defense. With our tailored property insurance solutions, you can protect your home and vehicle while enjoying peace of mind during your getaway.

In this article, we will offer a comprehensive guide to safeguarding your abode and wheels while you embark on your summer escapades.

Install a Robust Security System

Modern security systems do more than sound alarms; they are the central hub for a comprehensive defensive strategy. Incorporating indoor and outdoor cameras, motion-sensor lights, and even voice-alert systems can intimidate potential intruders.

Smart locks eliminate the risk associated with hidden spare keys, fortifying points of entry with technology that’s both secure and convenient.

Strategic Curtain and Drapery Management

Maintain your usual window coverings as they are. An abrupt change to closed drapes when they are typically open signals an empty house. Consistency in appearance plays a key role in home safety during your absence.

Implement Smart Lighting Solutions

A dark, uninhabited home is a beacon for burglars. Utilize timers or smart lighting systems to maintain a lived-in appearance, variably illuminating different rooms as if orchestrated by the unseen hand of a diligent homeowner.

Today’s technology allows you to control these settings remotely, offering the ability to activate lights according to dynamic schedules or in response to security alerts.

Enlist Help to Maintain Normalcy

Ask a trustworthy neighbour or friend to visit your home at unpredictable times to confuse potential burglars, and move any vehicle in the driveway to suggest it’s being used regularly.

They should also collect your mail, newspapers, and any packages that might be delivered in your absence. This will protect against identity theft and property damage from packages left exposed to weather or thieves.

Lawn and Garden Care

An overgrown lawn or withered plants can quickly indicate that a house is not being tended to. Have your neighbour or a hired service maintain your landscaping. Regular mowing, watering, and even the occasional weeding can make a significant difference in the home’s exterior appearance.

Minimize Social Media Footprints

While sharing your vacation excitement on social media is tempting, it’s wise to exercise restraint. Information about your absence can reach unintended audiences. Keep your travel plans and moments private until you return, and scrutinize your privacy settings to control who sees your posts.

Secure and Conceal Your Vehicle

If a car must be left in the driveway, consider installing a car alarm system or using a steering lock to deter theft. Regularly repositioning the car, either by yourself before departure or by a helper during your absence, can also suggest activity and presence.

Lock Down Your Garage

Garages can provide easy access to burglars. Ensure your garage door is secure by disabling electronic openers and employing manual locks like padlocks or slide bolts. This physical barrier adds a layer of security, deterring even the most determined intruder.

Security Systems and GPS Tracking

Modern vehicles often come equipped with immobilizers and GPS tracking, significantly enhancing security. Activate these systems, and if your vehicle lacks them, consider installation. Think about installing motion sensor lights near your vehicle to deter unauthorized access and alert neighbours to suspicious activity.

Clear and Conceal Valuables

Never leave valuables visible in your car. Remove all items that could potentially attract thieves, and store any necessary objects in concealed compartments or the trunk. This simple step can drastically reduce the likelihood of vehicle break-ins.

Review Insurance and Security Documentation

Before departing, review your vehicle insurance policies for specific terms regarding parking locations and duration of unattended periods. Ensure all essential documents are secure at home, and carry copies if necessary for your travels.

Why Insurance Is Essential for Home and Vehicle Safety

As your trusted Calgary insurance company, MMI Insurance understands the intrinsic link between insurance and overall safety. Here’s why insurance is indispensable for ensuring the safety of your home and vehicle:

Investing in a robust home insurance policy is crucial for two main reasons:

Theft and vandalism coverage: With your home unoccupied, it is more susceptible to break-ins. Home insurance can mitigate financial losses by covering stolen items and property damage resulting from a burglary.

Liability coverage: If an accident occurs on your property while you’re away, liability coverage from your home insurance policy can handle potential legal or medical bills, protecting your finances.

A comprehensive auto insurance policy is equally important for securing your parked vehicle:

Comprehensive coverage: This provides protection against theft and vandalism, essential while your vehicle is parked and unattended for an extended period.

Peace of Mind

Beyond the tangible benefits, insurance provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your time away from home without worry. Knowing that you have protective measures in place to handle potential issues can significantly enhance your vacation experience.

Ensuring Financial Stability

Insurance acts as a buffer against unexpected expenses that could otherwise deplete savings or create financial strain. This financial stability is vital, allowing you to handle unexpected situations without major economic consequences.

Choose Comprehensive Coverage With Our Trusted Alberta Insurance Company

Summer vacations are eagerly anticipated for the break they offer from daily routines. However, leaving your home and vehicle unattended can be a source of anxiety. This is where the protection provided by insurance becomes invaluable.

For Calgary residents, securing tailored insurance coverage through a trusted local provider ensures that your property remains safeguarded, allowing you to fully enjoy your time away without worry.

At MMI Insurance, we are committed to providing personalized, comprehensive insurance solutions that cater specifically to Calgary residents. Whether you need to secure your home, vehicle, or even your farm equipment, our expert team is here to offer guidance and optimized coverage tailored to your needs.

Contact our Calgary insurance company at 1‑866‑222‑6996 and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are thoroughly protected, allowing you to enjoy your summer travels worry-free.